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    05 August 2024


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Nirman Pratishthan & Janta Kalyan Kendra are proud to present the 3rd edition of the All India Art & Performance Competition – RANG 2024!

RANG 2024 is dedicated to celebrating the incredible diversity of India’s nature and wildlife. This year’s theme encourages participants to explore this captivating subject through various artistic expressions.

Building on the phenomenal success of the past 2 years, RANG 2024, 3rd All India Art & Performance Competition invites talented individuals across India to showcase their artistic brilliance in four exciting Categories:

  1. DRAW (Drawing Competition):Capture the essence of nature and wildlife through your artistic lens.
  2. WORD (Essay Writing Competition):Delve deeper with your written word, exploring the fascinating relationship between humanity and the natural world.
  3. ICON (Elocution Competition):Ignite the stage with your voice, delivering a powerful message about the importance of nature and wildlife conservation.
  4. ACT (Mobile Short Video Competition):Unleash your creativity through a short film, showcasing the beauty and fragility of India’s natural heritage.

Theme: Nature & Wildlife of India


  1. DRAW (Drawing),
  2. WORD (Essay),
  3. ICON (Elocution),
  4. ACT(Short Film)


  1. Freehand drawing on nature/landscape,
  2. flora & fauna,
  3. wildlife of India

Massive Participation, Huge Impact:

  1. Over 88,000 Art Lover from 26 states and 8 Union Territories participated in RANG 2023!
  2. 2,000 schools & 250 colleges participated with involvement of 2,000 dedicated teachers.
  3. 60 esteemed judges awarded 7,000 medals and 250 trophies to exceptional students across 25 aspiring cities.

Join us at RANG 2024 and be a part of this inspiring celebration of art and nature!

Stay tuned for more information on registration, deadlines, and exciting prizes!


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