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    05 August 2024


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Introduction: After the stupendous support and creative revolution with over 76,000 entries in its first year, Nirman Pratishthan brings you the 2nd All India Drawing Competition – RANG 2023 with the same zeal and enthusiasm to witness another milestone. We are humble and thankful to receive such an unimaginable response and will keep striving to make this annual event bigger and brighter so it may reflect and light up the lives of every Indian.

With the wide cultural diaspora of our nation, it becomes an uphill task even to select a topic for the annual drawing completion, but when like minds meet, they strike gold. And in the 75th year of the Independence of the country, what better topic can be other than ‘Ek Bharat, Shreahtha Bharat’? With a prime motto of ‘Unity in diversity,’ we feel immense pride to explore the cultural horizon of our nation through our drawing competition.

India has the most ancient and rich culture with over 400 languages that interweave customs, rituals, cuisine, festivals, art and much more that can be highlighted through our drawing competition. As a collective measure to treasure our heritage and widespread the cultural diaspora not only limited to ourselves, we can create and share these multi-facets ways of our lives through art & creativity.

This will also bridge the younger and the older generation to connect and take forward the cultural aspects that might otherwise get lost in time. The upcoming generation in schools and colleges with their unique talent and unstoppable creativity can carve our heritage through their art for generations to come. And eventually, we will get to know, understand and cherish the different cultures within our country that would be passed on from one generation to another. We will also discover the values and philosophies that unite us from the core through the exploration of our culture and heritage.

Our sole purpose to organize the 2nd All India Drawing Competition – RANG 2023 is to go back to our roots and cherish and save something precious for the coming generations. And through this event, we envision uniting and nurturing the roots of our heritage that make us and our country unique in every way. And so we present to you ‘Ek Bharat, Shreahtha Bharat’ the theme for the year 2023.

Nirman Prathisthan


RANG 2023

2nd All India Art & Performance Competition

in association with Ravindra Joshi Medical Foundation (RJMF) & We One Events

All India Largest creative challenge for youth and art lovers enthusiasts.


1)      Drawing,  

2)      Essay Writing,  

3)      Elocution,  

4)      Short Film

Topics / Subjects:-

  1. Unity in Diversity,
  2. Cultures and Rituals of India,
  3. Festivals of India,
  4. Art forms of India.


What is expected from participants:-

‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ the theme for this year, RANG 2023 is about going back to our roots to cherish and save something precious for the coming generations. Through this event, we envision to unite and nurture the roots of our heritage that make us and our country unique in every way.

All the above 4 sub-theme have the sole purpose to explore and create the greater meaning of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’. This is our pride and our heritage and so with our labour of love, we need to create and treasure it for coming generations.

This event is open to all age groups and we expect a massive participation of over 2 lakh youths.


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