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    05 August 2024

Hou ji Ride
Hou Ji Ride

Hou Ji Ride


The city of Mumbai has a wonderful history and the city is full of buildings, monuments and places reminiscent of this history which is forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday routine.  It is our endeavor this year to create an awareness of these heritage sites and along with them the history of Mumbai. Houji Ride envisages to take the bikers back to this heritage.

This year the Houji Ride will take the bikers back to this heritage to create an awareness of the past. While it will be the same 99 clues spread across Mumbai that requires decoding, the 99 locations will be Heritage Sites spread all across the city and suburbs of Mumbai


About Houji Ride

Explore. Get together. Compete. And get a chance to rediscover your own city!

Houji Ride is more than just an event, it’s your chance to turn your city into an experience. It’s the only event where you can combine your love for biking and exploring the remarkable landmarks this city has to offer. This is a place where riders, both veteran and amateur can come together and bask in the beauty of the wonderful cityscapes while sharing their love for riding.

Usually bike rides across countries favor the most ardent bikers who showcase higher endurance and an advanced knowledge about the bikes. It tests the strengths, stamina and patience of some of the most hardcore riders over the span of several days and weeks. It thus eliminates those who aren’t staunchly committed to the activity but would love to do it out of sheer passion.

Houji Ride is just that. This event caters to the most passionate, the most zealous and the most enthusiastic of the lot. On 24th November 2019, the bikers, both hardcore and newbies will together celebrate their love for riding in a first of its kind event in Mumbai and experience the thrill to win big.

The event also aims to bring all the bikers under one roof in one big social network of bikers who can then go on to continue expanding their connection via an app specially developed for the occasion. It’s a platform created by riders, for riders and with riders. And just to spice this event up – the riders will not only explore but also engage themselves in a one-of-a-kind Mind Game that will take the adventure and thrill to the next level.